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Organizations are increasingly turning to edge computing for Internet of Things (IoT) devices and new applications that require real-time processing power. Learn what edge computing is and what it can do for you.

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2020 predictions: Edge computing is on the rise

A number of sources (like this one) predict an uptick in edge computing this year. Why? While cloud computing typically centralizes compute resources, many new applications and technologies―like 5G networks and the Internet of Things (IoT)―require compute power closer to the “edge" of a network, where the physical devices or data sources exist.

This decentralized approach results in faster data processing and highly available apps, giving users a great experience. And enterprises get insights faster, letting them improve their apps based on customer needs or interactions. What’s the best way to build an edge computing environment? We recommend centralizing when you can and distributing when you must.

In this issue of Red Hat® Shares, learn all about edge computing―including what it is, use cases, common myths, and how 1 company is using it. Plus, check out the results of our 2020 Global Customer Tech Outlook survey.



Edge computing basics

In our Twitter poll* that addressed IT pros, 50% of respondents said they're not familiar with edge computing. If you're also unsure, dive deeper into what edge computing is, major use cases, and more. Read time: 3 minutes

*Not a scientific poll, obviously.


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How to explain edge computing in plain English

One expert’s analogy: It’s like a popular pizza restaurant opening smaller branches in distant neighborhoods. Delivering food from closer by means it won’t get cold on the way. Read time: 7 minutes



When cloud-native meets edge computing

This webinar shows you how combining edge computing and cloud-native app development can promote differentiation and faster innovation, and how you can benefit from containerizing apps in edge architectures. Watch time: 56 minutes​​



10 edge computing myths, debunked

Stephanie Overby at The Enterprisers Project clears up some common misconceptions. Read time: 6 minutes​




Vodafone Idea transforms its datacenter operations to serve enterprise workloads at the edge

India’s leading telecommunications service provider will use Red Hat technologies to launch an intelligent, DevOps-ready distributed edge computing platform in 100+ locations. Read time: 3 minutes




Red Hat Global Customer Tech Outlook 2020

In our 6th annual survey report, see stats about the IT challenges, priorities, and cultures of 876 Red Hat customers around the world. Read time: 8 minutes

say "hybrid" best describes their cloud strategy. “Private” was the next-most-common description at 21%.

are in some stage of embracing an open organization culture.

are implementing new technologies and processes as part of their digital transformation journey (up from 50% last year).

plan to be using artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) over the next year if they aren’t already doing so, while 25% are, or plan to be, using IoT and fog/edge computing over the next year.


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