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The single most important ingredient for a successful DevOps approach is a cultural shift that reinforces better dev and ops collaboration. It won't happen overnight, but the benefits make the effort worthwhile.

In this issue: DevOps

  • Adopting DevOps? Focus on culture.
  • FEATURED Embracing a DevOps culture
  • Survey says: The benefits of high-performance DevOps
  • Customer spotlight: Cisco speeds and simplifies application development
  • More to learn: The Open Organization | 8 DevOps Lessons IT Can Teach The Enterprise | Accelerate your business with DevOps
  • Recommended | Red Hat news and more | Related events

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From the editor

Adopting DevOps? Focus on culture.

DevOps is about software developers and operations teams collaborating to deliver new software features and services faster and more flexibly than they do now. You can also think of it as a strategic framework: Automate manual processes. Adopt a platform that supports how your people work and the tools they use. But without a cultural shift to reinforce better dev and ops collaboration, DevOps won’t work.

We want your DevOps to work. That’s what this issue of Red Hat Shares is all about.

Avoid DevOps culture shock

Featured story

Embracing a DevOps culture

Vincent Geffray of Everbridge says collaboration between development and operations teams “can feel like trying to mix oil and vinegar.” While fully embracing a DevOps culture won’t happen overnight—and every company’s journey is unique—it can yield big benefits (see the survey below for proof). Check out Geffray’s blog series to learn what’s important for successfully adopting a DevOps culture.

Read the blog series

Survey says

The benefits of high-performance DevOps

Find out what 4,600+ technical professionals at organizations practicing DevOps say about their experiences.

  • 50% less time spent remediating security issues
  • US$37,500 - $2.82M potential savings from reducing downtime
  • 22% less time on unplanned work and rework
  • 200x more frequent deployments than low-performing IT organizations

Source: Puppet + DORA, 2016 State of DevOps Report, 2016.

Customer spotlight

Cisco speeds and simplifies application development

Cisco, a leading provider of networking solutions, wanted to develop apps faster. Previously, its developers had to request infrastructure and services from another group, adding months to timelines. A DevOps approach now gives its developers on-demand access to resources and to their choice of development languages—getting apps to market faster and more efficiently.

Read the case study

More to learn

The Open Organization

Learn how Red Hat, Google, The Body Shop, and Whole Foods have embraced open, collaborative culture in Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst’s book.

Read a sample

8 DevOps Lessons IT Can Teach The Enterprise

Find out what enterprise business teams can learn from IT teams for DevOps success.

Read the article

Accelerate your business with DevOps

Learn the 3 phases of a DevOps journey: instilling a culture of collaboration, automating to accelerate, and building a dynamic platform.

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