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A new version of the Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit (RHAMT) has released, and with it a series of new features for developers looking to modernize and migrate their applications!

If you’re not familiar with RHAMT, check out my previous article introducing the product.

OracleJDK to OpenJDK Migration Path

RHAMT 4.2 also introduces the Oracle JDK to OpenJDK migration path, with rules specifically designed to highlight issues from this migration. All detected issues are included in the same reports used by other migration paths.

Dependency Graphs

This version also includes a series of dependency graphs that highlight embedded WARs and JARS within your applications. If you want to discover a common dependency across your portfolio, then this is the report for you!

There are two types of these graphs provided:

  • A composite of all analyzed applications - This builds relationships across all the analyzed applications, and highlights common dependencies across your application portfolio.
  • The application level - highlighting all dependencies, including 3rd-party ones, it requires.


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