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We are pleased to welcome Acquia to Red Hat Exchange (RHX) with the addition of Acquia we are expanding our partner ecosystem in content management. Acquia is a commercial open source software company providing products, services, and technical support for the open source Drupal social publishing system. Drupal is a popular social publishing system that blends web content management and social media capabilities with a library of powerful extensions – all supported by a thriving open source community.

Acquia provides us with another successful example of a company that can work with and contribute back to an open source community, while providing a commercially supported business solution for consumers. For those of you that already know and love Red Hat’s subscription model and services, Acquia provides a similar offering, and we anticipate many joint customers in the future as thousands of customer’s websites around the globe are already powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Drupal.

Acquia Drupal is a packaged collection of Drupal software to help users get started quickly with Drupal, while the Acquia Network provides expert Drupal technical support and network services to operate a trouble-free Drupal website. Pair these offerings with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and customers get a fully supported stack that starts
at the operating system and extends to the application. Our collaborative support
improves the experience for customers using software from multiple vendors by streamlining cooperative support efforts.

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