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Everyone working in an enterprise organization has felt the frustration that arises when systems don’t talk to each other or when manual processes must be undertaken to accomplish tasks that should be automated. Solving these kinds of problems is what application integration is all about.  

Red Hat offers integration products that connect different software applications, services, application programming interfaces (APIs), data, and devices to automate business processes and deliver timely, accurate information to users and customers.   These products include Red Hat Fuse, Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization, and Red Hat JBoss AMQ.  

Red Hat Training and Certification can help you use these products to integrate applications more efficiently and productively.  According to a recent survey of Red Hat Training students 89% report they can complete projects faster since taking training with us.

Red Hat Training and Certification offers ways to train that fit any learning style.  Whether in a live classroom setting or through self-paced, online training, you'll find a learning style for you.  Learn more about the ways to train with Red Hat here.  Validate your integration skills through our hands-on certification program.



Red Hat® Fuse Camel Development (JB421)

Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Camel Development exam (EX421)

Red Hat® JBoss® AMQ Administration (JB440)

Red Hat® Certificate of Expertise in Messaging Administration exam (EX440)

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Deployment with Red Hat® Fuse (JB435)

Red Hat® Fuse Rapid Track (JB439)

Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization Development with exam (JB450)

Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Data Virtualization (EX450)

Building Advanced Red Hat Enterprise Applications (JB501)



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