Red Hat

Agile Integration Discovery Session

As organizations shift from a centralized integration approach to a distributed approach, self-service becomes a priority. Agile teams need the authority and autonomy to seek out, learn about, test, and exploit services developed inside and outside their company, and a strong application programming interface (API) capability delivers this authority and autonomy to those teams. However, APIs alone do not lead to strong business performance. Strong performance relies on a comprehensive integration strategy — one that also incorporates a broader microservices-based integration and messaging strategy and marries these initiatives to a secure, authorized, and action-oriented API management platform.

A Red Hat Discovery session is a  half- to full-day complimentary session to uncover needs around creating, publishing, managing, and running APIs within the context of your larger API strategy, which may include developing a broader microservices-based integration and messaging strategy. 

It will help you and your team to review the following topics:

  • Data-driven: Monetize the insights that are being derived through a single and simple API management platform.
  • Agile: Whether you are pursuing a public, private, or hybrid cloud strategy, we work with you to adopt and introduce microservices and automation into your business processes.
  • Efficient: Work with flexible, modular, and lightweight tools to connect your data, leading to more seamless execution.

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