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Modernize your IT infrastructure with a flexible, stable, and efficient OS

Replace your aging infrastructure with a modern operating system (OS) so you can focus on adopting new technologies to advance your business without disrupting current, core business operations.

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® allows your organization to migrate from the legacy systems that are holding you back from advancing—and competing—in today’s fast-moving IT environment. Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides a robust, flexible platform geared for modern workloads that delivers more efficient operations and better reliability, availability, and scalability.

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Move into the future with open, scalable virtualization and management

With the flexibility and openness of Red Hat Virtualization, your organization can make better use of your current infrastructure while building the foundation for future cloud implementations.

Red Hat Virtualization allows customers to virtualize key workloads and supports virtualization of resource-intensive and critical applications—all while building a future foundation for cloud-native and container-based workloads.

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Standardize your IT environment to adapt quickly to change

A standard operating environment (SOE) is the key to solving IT environment sprawl, taming out-of-control costs, and resolving issues. By reducing complexity, your IT teams can focus on moving the business forward—instead of struggling with daily maintenance.

With Red Hat solutions—spanning infrastructure, management, virtualization, and storage—you can consolidate your environment to ease the burden of manual processes and disparate systems gaining greater visibility, security, and reliability.

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Software-defined storage lays the foundation for innovation

You need an open, software-defined, standards-based storage solution to handle the massive amount of data that modern applications generate. Red Hat Gluster Storage is a cost-effective alternative to traditional, proprietary, appliance-based solutions, designed to make the most of existing hardware resources—to maximize your current investments.

An IDC study found that businesses that modernized their storage with Red Hat Gluster Storage  saved up to 60% in operational costs over 5 years.

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Build and manage a private cloud

If you’re struggling to meet the surging business demands for IT services, you’ve probably reached the limits of traditional infrastructure.

To create the modern infrastructure you need, look to a private cloud using Red Hat OpenStack® Platform and Red Hat CloudForms. This combination gives you a massively scalable infrastructure platform and a self-service portal that can automatically handle IT requests.

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Manage IT with automation

Modern, dynamic environments need a new type of management solution that can improve the speed and scale of your enterprise IT environment.

Red Hat Ansible® Automation delivers automation technology that is an essential component of any digital transformation effort.

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Containerize your infrastructure

Linux containers allow you to package and isolate applications with their entire runtime environment, making it easy to move the contained application between environments while retaining full functionality.

Linux containers allow developers to focus on their applications while operations teams simplify the infrastructure. Red Hat provides a complete container solution—including technologies such as CRI-O, Kubernetes, and Docker—to help your team simplify, speed up, and orchestrate application development and deployment.

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