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Ansible Automates

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State of Automation - Automation Everywhere

Tim Appnel, Senior Principal Product Manager for Ansible

The pace of IT change is increasing and the environments we have to manage are becoming more complex. Hear how Ansible has grown to encompass an increasing portion of your IT estate so that Automation becomes the empowering skillset for IT organisations to power business change, how we are making that easier for our users and how Red Hat can help you on that journey.


Ansible Best Practice - The Essentials

Patrick Harrison, Specialist Solution Architect and Phil Griffiths, Senior Specialist Architect

Whether you're completely new, just on your way or far down the path of using Ansible, our essentials talk is a great place to start the day and covers best practice mined from Ansible experts to help you understand the basics and hear the advice seasoned professionals would have wanted to know when they first started.


Automation for Network Infrastructure

David Clauvel, Senior Specialist Solution Architect

Very few resources can be provisioned without some form of network interaction and Ansible is fast becoming the de facto standard for network automation. What started as a nice idea due to Ansible's agentless architecture has now become a full community including nearly all of the major network hardware suppliers. Automation of Network devices, physical and virtual, requires the same skillsets as that of servers. If you work with networks, or with network teams, Ansible can bring automation to the network domain and allow you to evolve your network operations beyond manual tasks.


Security Automation

Faz Sadeghi, Specialist Ansible Solution Architect

In IT, Security is everyone's responsibility. Automation enables all engineers or developers to incorporate security best practice into their workflow. Ansible makes it simple for different teams from different domains to collaborate so that anyone can contribute to the combined capability of IT. Automating with Ansible lets you proactively and collaboratively tackle operational security tasks. Let us show you how the security "overhead" can become part of everyday best practice.


Automation Culture: The Ansible Way, Customer presentation with RBS

Anthony Kesterton, Senior Solution Architect

Having the best tool is only part of the solution. It's how you use it that elevates your success. At Red Hat we see many customers implement our products and we see what helps customers achieve good things with Automation but also what makes customers achieve great things. Let us share some of those simple tips and approaches to how you can help instil culture of automation that will take your successes to the next level. But don't just take our word for it, one of our customers will come along to explain how they approached this challenge and answer some of your questions along the way.


Automating Windows, Customer presentation with Worldpay

Patrick Harrison, Specialist Solution Architect and Phil Griffiths, Senior Specialist Architect

While Ansible was born in the Linux world, did you know that Windows is a first class citizen in the Ansible Ecosystem? Learn how you can automate common tasks against Windows O/S to help you take automation across more of your IT estate.


Enterprise Grade Ansible-demo

Philip Cornelius Senior Specialist Solution Architect

As you introduce Ansible into your organization there are additional requirements to make running Ansible ‘Enterprise Grade’. This session is a live demo of some of key use cases for Ansible in the Enterprise. You will get to see Ansible Tower with a specific focus on Application Lifecycle Management.


Q&A Session with Ansible Speakers


09.30  Welcome
09:35  State of Automation - Automation Everywhere
10:15  Ansible Best Practice - The Essentials
11:00  Break
11:25  Automation for Network Infrastructure
11:55  Security Automation
12:25  Break
13:25  Automation Culture: The Ansible Way, Customer presentation
14:10  Automating Windows
14:55  Break
15:20  Enterprise Grade Ansible-demo
16:05  Q&A Session with Ansible Speakers

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