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In-Person Event

Red Hat at NetApp Insight

22 de Octubre de 2018 - 25 de Octubre de 2018Las Vegas, NVMandalay Bay Convention Center
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Red Hat and NetApp

Building a Modern Datacenter

As IT organizations modernize, they must transform into an agile organization that uses disruptive technologies, such as Red Hat® OpenStack® Platform and enterprise storage solutions offered by NetApp and Red Hat.

NetApp’s innovative open source technology includes enterprise storage solutions combined with Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat OpenShift®, and Red Hat Ansible® Automation—as well as management and orchestration tools and solutions built on FlexPod converged infrastructure.

Red Hat and NetApp have expanded our partnership in areas that are important to customers, emphasizing IT automation, DevOps, and software-defined infrastructure as critical functions of the modern datacenter.

Joint Solutions

Highly available Red Hat OpenStack Platform deployments built on NetApp Storage Systems

Red Hat® OpenStack® Platform provides the tools needed to deploy an OpenStack-based private cloud on NetApp FAS (fabric-attached storage), using network file system (NFS) and internet small computer systems interface (iSCSI) storage protocols. Red Hat OpenStack Platform creates a highly available OpenStack cloud that can fulfill the strict service-level agreements (SLAs) usually found within enterprises and service providers.


Red Hat OpenStack Platform has steadily gained features and deployment tools that allow high availability (HA) at the control plane, hypervisor, and storage tiers. Organizations are continually looking for a single solution that can meet all their workload requirements instead of separate and disparate solutions. Together, NetApp and Red Hat provide a full platform solution with storage provider services that have proven deployments and data management features to accommodate a multitude of virtualized workloads.

Native NetApp integration using Red Hat Ansible Automation

NetApp is pleased to announce that Red Hat Ansible® Automation is now prepackaged with integration for NetApp’s storage portfolio. Enterprises want to adopt sophisticated datacenter technologies to speed time to market and automate mundane IT tasks. This integration ensures enterprises can quickly provision, deploy, and manage NetApp storage platforms with ONTAP, SolidFire, or E-Series storage platforms.


NetApp wrote several modules, or drivers, for use with ONTAP, SolidFire, and E-Series to allow these platforms to work and communicate with Ansible Automation. These modules have been reviewed and approved by the Ansible Automation team who has merged them into their distribution of Ansible Automation 2.3. Currently, there are 3 sample Ansible Playbooks available for download, 1 for each platform to teach end users how to use the existing modules.


Red Hat and NetApp work with the OpenStack community to produce playbooks for specific use cases. For example, a future playbook is being customized to automate the ONTAP configuration for NetApp’s OpenStack drivers.

Speaking Sessions

Simplifying the DevOps deployment environment with Red Hat OpenShift on NetApp HCI


Deploying a robust and dependable OpenShift® DevOps environment is more than selecting, testing, and certifying the right hardware architecture to complement Red Hat® OpenShift, which can add an extra layer of complexity. When customers want to migrate from a waterfall approach to agile development methodologies,-hardware and software integration can add unnecessary complexity and time that could be used to reengineer the software development process.

Save time by deploying NetApp HCI with Red Hat OpenShift to free your DevOps resources. NetApp HCI and persistent storage solution Trident provide a certified design and implementation guide for Red Hat OpenShift to deliver an agile, scalable, easy-to-manage, enterprise-scale hyper converged infrastructure with minimal installation, configuration, and testing required. Deliver first-class application performance from the edge to the core of your datacenter.

In this session, Red Hat will discuss the advantages of deploying Red Hat OpenShift on NetApp HCI. Red Hat provides an easily deployable scale-up and scale-out solution for demanding development environments with greater reliability, flexibility, and speed to deployment. This frees developers to focus on agile software development, delivering solutions to customers in less time on a trusted, tested, and integrated platform.

Speaker: Andrew Sullivan

Bio: Andrew has worked in the information technology industry for over 15 years, with a rich history of database development, storage, DevOps experience, and virtualization. He is currently a Technical Marketing Manager at Red Hat focused on virtualization, automation, and driving simplicity into everyday workflows.