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Eventos pasados


4 de Octubre de 2017
Amsterdam, Nederland

Let's do something great. Together.

Application Modernization: sneller, flexibeler en klantgericht ontwikkelen met Red Hat OpenShift

3 de Octubre de 2017
Vienna, VA

Partner Technical Exchange

Red Hat Partner Technical Exchange brings together our expansive partner ecosystem for two full days of technical sessions and knowledge sharing.

17 de Agosto de 2017
2호선 삼성역 1번 출구 도보 200m, 메디톡스 빌딩 B1

Agile Integration 워크샵 (2017/8/17)

마이크로서비스, 컨테이너, API를 통해 진정한 민첩성을 이루는 방법을 배울 수 있는 1일 과정의 무료 실습 워크샵


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