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AI/ML on OpenShift: How Red Hat can help you operationalize your models

Ver el webinar del 18 de Mayo de 2021
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3-part webinar series: May 18, June 22, and July 1, 2021

Join us to discover why Red Hat OpenShift is the perfect platform for running your artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) workloads on-premise, cloud, or at the edge. Find out how Red Hat Consulting is helping customers operationalize their ML models through machine learning operations (MLOps) practices and see how it all runs on OpenShift. Whether you are deploying ML models into production, looking for a data science research platform, or just starting to explore AI/ML, this three-part webinar series is for you.


Webinar 1: Why choose Red Hat for AI/ML?

Find out how Red Hat supports customers running their AI/ML workflows on Red Hat OpenShift. Join Anne Dalton (Data Science and Edge Specialist), Sophie Watson (Principal Data Scientist), and John Hurlocker (Senior Architect, Red Hat Consulting) as they talk through the value of open source in developing and implementing data science and edge capabilities. 


In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Different AI/ML use cases and the challenges customers are facing when trying to bring these capabilities to the edge, and how Red Hat Consulting is helping customers overcome those challenges. 
  • Our engineering roadmap to show our commitment to these capabilities as we continue to enhance and expand our offerings in this space. 

Live-event time: Tuesday, May 18, 2021 | 2 p.m. ET



Webinar 2: Experience hybrid cloud AI/ML at scale

Data Science practices face challenges of scale, reproducibility, on-premise and cloud data silos, and inconsistent deployments across environments. Red Hat has played a key role in solving these issues for agile software development, especially with DevSecOps principles and practice. Now, Red Hat is applying that experience and perspective to principled Machine Learning Model Operationalization Management practices at scale. Please join us as we use Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and ML for the detection of pneumonia from chest x-rays. This cloud-agnostic solution uses popular ML tools for running large and distributed workloads across disparate multicloud data sets. Compute resources are spun up on-demand, and scale to 0 as compute jobs reach completion, while edge-deployed ML models that show low degrees of certainty are retrained in centralized data hubs and continuously deployed back to the healthcare environment. At scale, this data pipeline reduces compute latency, and facilitates continuous improvement and deployment for time-sensitive imaging and diagnostics.

Red Hat has a proven and global track record of helping organizations operationalize AI/ML solutions in multicloud and hybrid cloud environments using open source tools for data harmonization, distributed AI and ML workflows, and the emerging practice of MLOps.

Live-event time: Tuesday, June 22, 2021 | 2 p.m. ET



Webinar 3: Intelligent applications on OpenShift

Discover how to create and manage intelligent applications that learn and make decisions on Red Hat OpenShift.  We will showcase the latest advancements in MLOps, serverless event driven architecture, and business automation with a demonstration of all of three in action. 


This webinar highlights how to weave the following technologies into a seamless, high-performance platform for delivering data products:

  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage
  • A computer vision machine learning model
  • Red Hat’s Kogito serverless technology for business automation
  • Seldon for model serving and monitoring

Live-event time: Thursday, July 1, 2021 | 2 p.m. ET


On-demand event: Available for one year after live-event date.



Anne Dalton

Data Science and Edge Specialist, Red Hat

Anne Dalton is a Solutions Specialist for Red Hat focused on clients within the United States Federal Government. She is an open source evangelist with a focus on cloud migration, DevSecOps, data science, and edge computing. With a passion for communication, Anne helps organizations uncover possibilities when taking their unique workloads to the edge. 

Sophie Watson

Principal Data Scientist, Red Hat

Sophie Watson is a Principal Data Scientist at Red Hat, where she helps customers solve business problems using machine learning in hybrid cloud. She previously conducted research in the areas of researched Bayesian Statistics and Recommendation Engines, and is focused on using her data science and statistics skills to inform next-generation infrastructure for intelligent application development.

John Hurlocker

Senior Architect, Red Hat Consulting

John Hurlocker is a Senior Architect in Red Hat Consulting focusing on clients in the North American Public Sector. During his more than 15 years at Red Hat, he has helped clients on a variety of products in the Red Hat portfolio with a focus on business automation and middleware. Recently, he started working with clients to help them deliver intelligent applications. 

Andrew Clay Shafer

VP, Global Transformation, Red Hat

With more than 20 years experience, Andrew Clay Shafer, VP of Red Hat's Global Transformation Office, has a long history of helping people deliver software with better tools and processes. Andrew evangelized DevOps tools and practices before DevOps was a word and helped to organize DevOpsDays events globally since 2009. He’s been involved in a number of infrastructure focused open source communities including Puppet, OpenStackⓇ, Cloud Foundry, and Kubernetes. At Red Hat, his focus is helping customers modernize their processes and behaviors to make the most of their technology investments.

Guillaume Moutier

Senior Principal Technical Evangelist, Cloud Storage and Data Services, Red Hat

Guillaume Moutier is a Senior Principal Technical Evangelist at Red Hat, focused on data services, AI/ML workloads, and data science platforms. Former CTO of Laval University in Canada, he is constantly looking for and promoting new and innovative solutions, but always with a focus on usability and business alignment brought by 20 years of IT management.

Ben Cushing

Field CTO, Federal Health, Red Hat

For two decades, Ben Cushing has been a leader in emerging technology solutions across multiple industries and is committed to radical innovation in healthcare. Before joining Red Hat, he served as the Chief Technology Officer for MDLogix, a behavioral health IT firm supporting Johns Hopkins Medicine. There he built and brought to market a behavioral health cloud platform for use with employer, healthcare, and education markets.

David Willams

Intelligent Application Practice Manager, Red Hat

David Williams has been at the forefront of applying advanced algorithms and modeling to business problems for 23 years.  He started his career in supply chain optimization and business rules in Japan and now manages a team of business automation and MLOps experts at Red Hat.

Brian Nguyen

Architect, Intelligent Application Practice, Red Hat

Brian is an Architect with Red Hat’s Intelligent Application Practice.  He specializes in machine learning systems and event-driven architecture.  Brian has delivered intelligent applications that learn and make decisions across the automotive, health, and defense sectors.