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Reactive Development: Microservices Made So Easy with Vert.x

Watch recording from 31 de Mayo de 2018

Sorry, there is no free lunch - distributed applications are complex. You can embrace trends such as microservices, but developing a distributed application is a challenge.

However there is hope - Vert.x is a framework to create reactive applications on the JVM. It lets you build scalable microservice-based applications transparently distributed and packaged as a single jar file.  Developing microservices using reactive principles give better performance, scale and much better fault tolerance and address the alway ON and responsive requirements of digital economy. At the same time using a Service Mesh dramatically changes how we manage, monitor and test distributed services.

In this session Thomas Qvarnstrom, Technical Product Manager for application development at Red Hat will discuss how microservices has evolved and Red Hat's guidance for best developing micro- or mini services.

Thomas Qvarnström

Architect Evangelist for cloud native application development, Red Hat

Thomas Qvarnström is the Architect Evangelist for cloud native application development at Red Hat. Thomas responsibilities includes educating customers and partners on how to best implement and build solutions using JBoss Middleware and OpenShift. With over 18 years of experience Thomas brings his roles as a developer and architect to his work.