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Virtual event

Red Hat at Masters of Digital 2021

Ver el webinar del 4 de Febrero de 2021


Red Hat sponsors DIGITALEUROPE's Masters of Digital Virtual Summit 2021

Red Hat is proud to be part of DIGITALEUROPE’s Masters of Digital Virtual Summit, taking place over February 3rd and 4th 2021. The theme is making Europe "fit for the digital age" an undertaking that requires cooperation and collaboration through the EU’s Recovery Package to tackle an ongoing pandemic and growing economic crisis. As the world's leading provider of enterprise open source technology, process and organization, Red Hat is well positioned to provide the necessary partnership. The unprecedented disruption experienced in 2020 has demanded a reconfiguration of how businesses run, how public administrations operate, and how citizens go about their daily lives.

Confirmed keynote speakers include: 

  • Charles Michel, President, European Council
  • Ursula von der Leyen, President, European Commission 
  • Hubert Tardieu, Interim CEO, GAIA-X AISBL

Red Hat® Consulting worked with Greenpeace International on a 5-day design sprint to evolve Planet 4, Greenpeace International's open source global engagement platform, with the aim of helping communities tackle environmental issues.

Learn from the leaders

Focus Session: Unlocking the EU recovery through public sector transformation​

When: February 4th, 11:55 a.m. CET 

Michel Isnard, Vice President, Red Hat EMEA, will lead a panel to discuss the almost unprecedented opportunity for EU policy to tackle key elements of digital transformation from digital sovereignty to revolutionizing Government services for European Citizens.   By bringing government closer to citizens plus closer collaboration across ministries and borders it is possible to co-innovate and scale world-class solutions whilst enhancing citizen trust and driving down cost to the taxpayer. With various industry verticals disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 economic crisis, Europe’s Public Sector is being expected to play an ever more significant role in a timely and transformative recovery across Europe.

Joining Monsieur Isnard on the panel:

  • Ulrich Ahle, CEO of The FIWARE Foundation
  • Peter Gersak, Slovenian State Secretary, Ministry of Public Administration
  • Mario Compolargo, Director General, European Commission, DIGIT 
  • Vanda Jesus, Executive Director, Portugal Digital 

Featured Technologies


Only an open approach to Hybrid Cloud can give you the speed, stability and scale you need today and will rely on tomorrow.  At Red Hat we are setting the standard for what hybrid cloud can be and do, and with our flexible portfolio your organization can take the next defining step.

Digital transformation can mean a lot of different things. But no matter where your organization is in the process, Red Hat can help you understand every facet of change and help you achieve your goals. Digital transformation is a key component of the EU Recovery Programme.

Edge computing requires many pieces of technology; only an open approach to hybrid cloud infrastructure can give you the flexibility and freedom you need.  

An example of where edge meets the citizen is in smart cities.  It makes sense to have computing capabilities as close to the data being collected as possible, not only is this more efficient, in the case of human health and environmental monitoring, traffic management and security, its also critical.

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