Red Hat at Open Source Summit + Automotive Linux Summit Japan 2021

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Event Overview

Open Source Summit Japan is the leading conference in Japan connecting the open source ecosystem under one roof, providing a forum for technologists and open source industry leaders to collaborate and share information, learn about the latest in open source technologies and find out how to gain a competitive advantage by using innovative open solutions.

Speaking Sessions

Tuesday, December 14

16:45 JST

Kubernetes/Linux Base Disaggregation From CPU Centric Compute Across Edge and Core

Hyde Sugiyama,

Chief Architect | Red Hat

Wednesday, December 15

15:30 JST

Functional Safety certification methodology for Red Hat in Vehicle OS

Dmitri Pal,

Director | Red Hat

Gabriele Paolini,

Open Source Technical Leader | Red Hat

16:30 JST

FuSA BoF - Community Efforts in Automotive Linux Functional Safety

Jeffrey Osier-Mixon,

Senior Principal Community Architect | Red Hat

Gabriele Paolini,

Open Source Technical Leader (FuSA) | Red Hat



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