CO.LAB on tour

Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill form The Triangle, a place where research universities, local governments, and businesses teach the rest of the world how to collaborate.


Connecting through collaboration

CO.LAB teaches students how to work together to solve problems, encounter new ideas, and create something entirely new out of a shared experience.

Collaboration is a powerful driver of innovation and discovery, and open source methodology is a key part of STEAM education. So we’re hoping to empower young women with collaborative skills that will help them succeed in their pursuit of science, technology, engineering and math careers.



Students began by building, programming, and learning how to operate their Raspberry Pi digital cameras. After that, they read and discuss and arrive at a shared understanding of a poem dealing with themes of community and finding one’s place in the world.



After learning some basics of photography and visual storytelling, the girls journeyed through their neighborhoods–finding inspiration, shooting photos, and forming stories based on the poem they had discussed.



Finally, the cohort returned to CO.LAB and, in an open process, collectively culled and curated their photos to create an exhibition that told the story of their overall experience.

What did we learn?

Working together works best

CO.LAB participant

"I think it will help us as women a lot to collaborate with each other to make the world a better place."

CO.LAB participant

"Collaboration to me means working together to make something beautiful, and making sure that everyone gets to put in what they need to make it beautiful."

CO.LAB participant

"CO.LAB made me want to collaborate with more people and be more open. It’s really fun."

CO.LAB participant

"Collaboration means working well with others, contributing to a certain goal, and being inclusive of others."

Beyond CO.LAB

Big change through small, meaningful steps

CO.LAB introduces middle school girls to the principles of open source—and to a world of technology and collaboration that they may not have otherwise considered.

Red Hat is committed to diversity and inclusion in the technology industry because openness and broad participation feeds creativity and innovation. The best idea can come from anyone, so we make sure everyone has a chance to contribute.

CO.LAB is just one of the ways Red Hat demonstrates the transformative power of people working together.

Open source is like sharing recipes

Whether it’s baking a batch of cookies, or coding a digital camera you made yourself, learning how to do something is only possible when other people share their expertise and advice.

Our collaborators

The open source way

Open source is more than just a way to create software. It's about building things without limitations. And it's about forming new communities without boundaries.

At Red Hat, we're committed to showing what people can do when they make things in the open. Because when we share, we thrive.