Red Hat Application Services: Runtimes, integration, and process automation

Product overview

Organizations depend on new applications to remain competitive, improve customer experiences, and modernize old applications. Developers creating these new applications lack complete technologies that help keep new development costs down or limit risk. In addition to building new tools, existing applications need to evolve and integrate with agile processes and highly distributed cloud architectures. 

Red Hat® Application Services offers a tightly integrated and comprehensive portfolio for adapting existing applications and developing new ones. Red Hat Application Services meets your teams where they are with flexible deployment options such as self-managed, Red Hat managed, on-premise, or cloud services to support a wide range of needs across hybrid cloud environments. 

Join the thousands of customers worldwide using Red Hat Application Services to deliver an agile, modern, and responsive customer experience. 

Red Hat Application Services

Red Hat Application Services offers a portfolio of products and components for creating, integrating, and automating business applications and processes. Designed to accelerate the development and delivery of business solutions, Red Hat Application Services help you spend more time innovating and driving competitive differentiation. 

The portfolio provides comprehensive frameworks, integration technologies, process automation, runtimes, and development tools and cloud services to support cloud-native application innovation, development, and maintenance. Each area of the portfolio is flexible, cost-effective, open, and collaborative. All products can run on-premise, in the cloud, or within a container platform such as Red Hat OpenShift®. Ret Hat helps your organization develop in the cloud and deploy anywhere. 

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Figure 1. Red Hat Application Services supports developer productivity and DevOps efficiency


Create compelling digital experiences 

Most organizations are under pressure to deliver new digital experiences through applications. Organizations using data-rich, real-time experiences stand out among their competitors, but doing so puts development teams at a crossroads. Developers often require multiple solutions to serve only one objective. These function-specific technologies require additional effort to adapt to application modernization efforts. Additionally, getting these technologies to work together is up to the developer— which costs time and money. 

Red Hat Application Services offers a comprehensive portfolio that works together to help developers modernize existing applications and develop new ones. 

An application platform as diverse as your organization 

If your organization needs to get to market faster, Red Hat's managed application services (part of Red Hat Cloud) include hosted and managed platform, application, and data services that accelerate time to value and reduce the operational cost and complexity of delivering cloud-native applications. Organizations can confidently build and scale applications with a streamlined experience across services and clouds while Red Hat manages the rest. 

Create a modern foundation for building applications

Every organization requires a strong foundation for their application development projects. Red Hat Runtimes provides the integrated and optimized products and components necessary to deliver modern applications. 

Using Red Hat Runtimes, IT teams can containerize applications by adopting a microservices architecture, improve data access performance and resilience with in-memory data caching models, improve serviceto-service communication with messaging, and adopt cloud-native application development using modern development patterns and technologies. Red Runtimes includes:

  • Powerful application runtimes, frameworks, and languages. 
  • Single sign-on (SSO) authentication and authorization. 
  • In-memory datastore solution. 
  • Standards-based enterprise messaging.
  • Application migration and modernization tools.
  • Prescriptive developer quickstarts. 
  • OpenShift and Kubernetes service native integration.

Deliver applications fast, integrate data and services

When it comes time to integrate data and services across the organization, you need integration capabilities that can handle distributed applications and deployments. Red Hat Integration provides the products and components necessary to adopt an API-first approach. Red Hat Integration helps improve enterprise-wide visibility and control of APIs, creation of APIs for orchestrating services on newly developed applications or existing ones, and fast and reliable messaging for building low-latency messaging and streaming solutions based on proven messaging patterns. Red Hat Integration includes:

  • Pattern-based integration engine. 
  • Comprehensive set of connectors and data formats.
  • Management and security of access to distributed APIs.
  • Management of external and internal APIs. 
  • Standards-based enterprise messaging. 
  • OpenShift and Kubernetes Service native integration 
  • Single sign-on authentication (SSO)

Build meaningful partnerships between business and IT 

The best applications result from partnerships between business and technical teams. Building meaningful partnerships means that organizations need to involve business experts as well as IT developers in the creation of new applications. Red Hat Process Automation provides tools and components that allow business users to specify and deliver applications that automate business processes and decisions. Red Hat Process Automation is a development platform for applications that capture and enforce policies and procedures, automate business operations, and help measure business activities across heterogeneous environments, including physical, virtual, and cloud. Red Hat Process Automation includes:

  • Consistent development model for business application creation and modification.
  • Business process and decision modeling. 
  • Single platform for business users and developers. 
  • Simplified and accelerated development, deployment, and management of rules and process-centric apps.

Optimized for Red Hat OpenShift 

Red Hat OpenShift brings Kubernetes and other leading open container technologies such as CRI-O and docker to the enterprise. It lets you easily and quickly build, develop, and deploy in nearly any public or private infrastructure. 

The combined power of the Red Hat Application Services portfolio and Red Hat OpenShift streamlines the deployment, delivery, and scalability of cloud-native applications on a container-based platform for a consistent development environment throughout the life cycle of an application. 

Table 1. Red Hat Application Services

The Red Hat Application Services portfolio consists of 3 product groups that help you create a connected and flexible application environment

Red Hat Runtimes

Red Hat JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform
A set of cloud-native runtimes
Red Hat build of Quarkus
Red Hat build of OpenJDK
Red Hat Data Grid
Red Hat AMQ (broker)
Migration Toolkit for Applications
Single sign-on
Launcher service
Red Hat JBoss Web Server

Red Hat Integration Red Hat Fuse
Red Hat 3scale API Management
Red Hat AMQ (broker, interconnect, streams)
Change data capture
Service registry
Red Hat Runtimes
Red Hat Process Automation Red Hat Process Automation Manager
Red Hat Decision Manager
Red Hat Runtimes

Table 2. Red Hat’s managed application services

Red Hat Application Services includes a family of managed cloud services that reduce the operational cost and complexity of delivering cloud-native applications, and allow development teams to focus on core competencies. 

Red Hat OpenShift API Management Hosted and managed API management service delivered as an add-on product to Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated, a fully
managed service of enterprise Kubernetes platform Red Hat OpenShift.
Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka Managed cloud service that provides a streamlined developer experience for building, deploying, and scaling new cloud-native applications or modernizing existing systems.
Red Hat OpenShift Data Science

Managed cloud service for data scientists and developers of intelligent applications with a fully supported sandbox in which to rapidly develop, train, and test machine learning (ML) models in the public cloud before deploying in production.

Red Hat OpenShift Service Registry Included with both Red Hat OpenShift API Management and Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka, this service makes it easy to discover and consume APIs and topics. (Coming soon)
Red Hat OpenShift
Included with Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka, this service allows data and events to be shared across hybrid cloud environments. (Coming soon)