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Estudio de caso

To simplify access control for schools in the Netherlands, four major digital publishers partnered to form Basispoort, an initiative that created a unified, single sign-on (SSO) platform for access to its partners’ software and content. To build this solution, the initiative hosted Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform on its own hardware. However, managing this in-house solution proved costly and time-consuming. Basispoort migrated its Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform deployment to a Microsoft Azure cloud environment and implemented Red Hat JBoss Core Services Collection to enhance its JBoss Middleware capabilities. With this updated solution, more 1.5 million students can access educational information from many vendors using one set of credentials. Basispoort can easily scale this system to meet changing demands and can meet regulatory data requirements—at half the cost of its previous in-house solution.

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