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Increase efficiency with automated network management

Actualización reciente: 21 de Marzo de 2019

Global telecommunications IT investment continues to increase year over year as communications service providers (CSPs) search for greater agility, flexibility, and efficiency. By 2020, this investment is expected to reach US$85 billion, with a large portion of this spending focused on building and managing virtualized cloud environments. Virtualized cloud environments—including network functions virtualization (NFV)—can help CSPs streamline internal management processes, rapidly scale network resources, and unify disparate platforms. This move away from legacy equipment to modern infrastructure simplifies resource management and helps CSPs provide a better customer experience.

However, in many virtualized cloud environments, the gains in efficiency and simplicity are often lost to manual network configuration and maintenance processes. For example, network operators often rely on labor-intensive processes that involve multiple exchanges between datacenter and network teams for domain name system (DNS) provisioning and IP address assignment. This can result in deployment delays and increases the risk of configuration errors.

Red Hat and Infoblox offer a solution that eliminates these manual processes through automation of all DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) services in your virtualized cloud environment. This allows you to deploy and manage resources and services more efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively.


The components of the Red Hat® and Infoblox solution—Red Hat OpenStack® Platform, Infoblox DDI platform, and Infoblox OpenStack Cloud Adapter—work together to quickly and efficiently provision, manage, and retire resources across your entire virtualized cloud environment. Using an integrated workflow, the solution manages all network DDI services, automatically assigning, tracking, and decommissioning IP addresses and DNS records for virtual machines (VMs). This allows you to easily provision and retire VMs while maintaining consistent network policies across the enterprise. Visibility into all physical and virtual resources lets you track and save current and historical IP address assignment information for troubleshooting, compliance, and audit requirements.

The Red Hat and Infoblox solution can support even the most dynamic NFV environments. Red Hat OpenStack Platform—co-engineered with Red Hat Enterprise Linux®—is a reliable, stable, and high-performance management and virtualization platform that forms the foundation of many NFV environments. As the only open technology vendor that delivers the entire core software stack required for NFV, Red Hat provides enhanced interoperability, stability, and security across your environment. With an integrated software stack, Red Hat delivers the scalability, deployability, availability, performance, and security needed for effective, enterprise-grade NFV implementations.


Network automation streamlines and speeds manual processes to increase efficiency. In a recent survey, 71% of communications service providers stated that automation is the most important enabler of long-term operational excellence. The DDI management solution from Red Hat and Infoblox lets you integrate resource management with existing automation and orchestration workflows to reduce provisioning time from days to seconds. This allows you to create a flexible NFV environment that changes in response to business needs while eliminating the most common deployment risks. It also increases business efficiency and helps you provide a better customer experience.


Your staff are an important business asset, but complex manual processes often require them to spend more time performing basic tasks than providing strategic value. By automating repetitive manual processes, the Red Hat and Infoblox solution allows your staff to focus on delivering business results through projects that add value. Furthermore, seamless integration between Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Infoblox DDI platform allows quick and efficient installation into any virtualized cloud environment, reducing the initial time commitments required of your staff.


37% of CSPs believe that cybersecurity is the most critical investment domain over the next two years. The Red Hat and Infoblox solution manages different cloud platforms across multiple locations from a central point of control, globally maintaining consistent configurations, governance, and security policies to protect your environment. Additionally, with visibility into all resources, you can guarantee and audit compliance with corporate security policies.


Manual processes can reduce the benefits of NFV. With Red Hat and Infoblox, you can automatically and more securely manage your DDI services to get the most from your NFV environment, so you can improve network efficiency and focus on business initiatives. Contact your Red Hat or Infoblox sales representative to find out how you can automate your network.

Learn more at redhat.com/telco and infoblox.com/products/ddi.