Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated: A hosted container app platform


Red Hat® OpenShift Dedicated is a container application platform hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform and managed by Red Hat. It allows application development teams to quickly build, deploy, and scale traditional and cloud-native applications. OpenShift Dedicated is built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Docker container technology, and Google Kubernetes for orchestration and management. It securely connects to your datacenter so you can implement a flexible, hybrid cloud IT strategy with minimal infrastructure and operating expenses.

  • Flexible application environment. Rapidly deploy and scale applications using a wide variety of supported languages and services, or provide your own.
  • Connect and extend local services. Extend your corporate network into the cloud by connecting to cloud services from within your datacenter or using an existing user authentication system.
  • Isolated platform. Your OpenShift cluster will only contain your users, applications, and services.
  • Global regional availability. Host in regions supported by AWS EC2 or GCP, including Asia Pacific, EU, South America, US East, and US West (excludes Beijing, São Paulo, and GovCloud).
  • Professionally managed infrastructure. Our proven and experienced OpenShift operations team will manage infrastructure configuration, maintenance, and security.
  • Award-winning support. Technical expertise, guidance, and knowledge are available 24x7, including collaboration with specialty teams by phone or chat.
  • Established enterprise container technology. Leverage the latest in enterprise container technology and open source standards.
  • Built on open standards. Built with proven and powerful open source technologies, enhancing application portability and enabling rapid change.
Figure 1. Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

Figure 1. Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated


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