Automation for service providers

Use automation to speed up service delivery, increase flexibility, and reduce errors in network configuration and management.

Why do telecommunications service providers use automation?

Automation technologies are helping service providers rapidly and economically deploy new services to an ever increasing number of subscribers while helping service providers save on operational costs.

As networks and infrastructure become more complex, greater automation is needed to ensure that multi-vendor deployments and distributed architectures are more secure and compliant.

Red Hat technologies offer holistic end-to-end automation support for service providers—from operating system to automation software to dozens of vendor integrations—encompassing both IT and networking automation needs.

Business of telecommunications

Automation across IT and networks for improved and proactive security

Understand how the technologies comprising the Red Hat automation and compliance solution address service provider concerns with end-to-end automation for IT and networks.

Automate security and reliability workflows

Red Hat® Consulting partners with customers to turn manual processes into automated workflows, creating a seamless, repeatable approach for maintaining Red Hat Enterprise Linux® systems across the enterprise.

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See how automation helps both development and operations teams by lowering the time to complete tasks and reducing the risk of human error.

IDC: Automation, DevOps, and a multicloud world

IDC assessed the impact of cloud computing on enterprise IT management and automation strategies within the telecommunications industry.

Security challenges in the age of containers

Since containerised apps are deployed across multiple domains and, sometimes, only for a short time, new challenges face traditional security architecture. To face these challenges we must add Sec to DevOps.

Technology for service providers

Automating security for hybrid environments

Learn how to provision a security-compliant host, detect and remediate issues, perform audit scans and remediation, and more—all in a complex, hybrid infrastructure.

Ansible automation for telecommunications

See how service providers can maximize the benefits of automation for network and IT management.

Automation for CSPs

Red Hat Ansible Automation allows CSPs to quickly add, remove, and configure physical and virtual devices and processes across service types and architectures.

The products you need for automation and compliance

Red Hat Ansible Automation

A simple, agentless automation platform that can improve your current processes, migrate apps for better optimization, and provide a single language for DevOps practices across your organization.

The easiest way to manage Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, keeping your systems running efficiently, properly secured, and compliant with various standards.

A predictive analytics tool with real-time, in-depth analysis of your Red Hat infrastructure, letting you predict and prevent problems before they occur.

Red Hat Decision Manager logo

A comprehensive platform for business rules management (BRM), business resource optimization, and complex event processing (CEP).

Partners that support our automation solutions

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