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Open source in education

Learn. Teach. Partner.

We believe that open source is the future of technology—and that it's important to incorporate the open source way into learning, teaching, and partnering.

Why it's important

The importance of open source in education

Open source culture and concepts help students, teachers, schools, and communities have a better learning experience being free to share their ideas and build on the work of others.

Learning and teaching "the open source way" will better prepare students for their careers, while helping schools differentiate themselves and growing the next generation of open source contributors.

Gain more insight into the open source way

How we can help

Access to information, education, and engagement

Students, instructors, schools, and communities can all benefit from the culture and concepts of open source applied to education.

Red Hat wants to help incorporate open source in education by:

  • Sharing resources that can be used to educate about open source
  • Connecting people who are already using open source in education
  • Highlighting success stories of open source in education

Red Hat and Education

How you benefit

Inform, educate, and engage

  • Students

    Learn about research projects, internships, and other ways to get involved.

    Learn more
  • Educators

    Learn about how to teach open source, including some curriculum materials.

    Learn more
  • Schools

    Learn about schools who have embraced open source in education.

    Learn more
  • Communities

    Learn about communities, their projects, and ways you might contribute while you learn.

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Get in touch

Let's open up with each other

We'd like to connect with students, teachers, schools, and communities interested in open source in education, and connect them with each other. Are you doing open source work at your school? Tell us about it. Would you be interested in sharing your work by either presenting about it or by submitting a report? Let us know. Together we can connect and share the story of open source in education.

Reach out and talk to us

Need additional information about open source in education?

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