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10 important things to consider when selecting a Kubernetes platform

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Containers and Kubernetes are becoming the de facto standard for building, delivering, and managing modern, cloud-native applications.  Many Kubernetes solutions are available, making it difficult to evaluate them all.  So how do you select a container platform? What’s really important?

Join this webinar to hear about fundamental concepts to help you navigate the crowded and often confusing container platform marketspace. This webinar will help prepare you to make the best container orchestration infrastructure decision for your organization’s cloud-native applications—and accelerate innovation to better serve your customers.

We’ll discuss:

  • The what, how, who, and why of selecting a container orchestration infrastructure.
  • The relationship between Linux® and containers.
  • Different options available to your organization if you want to move to Kubernetes for container orchestration.
  • Container orchestration myths—debunking some and demystifying others.

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1 avril 2021