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The DevOps Game: See DevSecOps and automated governance as a proactive strategy

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If you’re familiar with The Phoenix Project, chances are you know Bill Palmer, Erik Reid, and their journey to keep Parts Unlimited afloat, despite complexities and constraints within the organization. Distinguished authors Kevin Behr and John Willis hosted The Devops Game - Exploring The Phoenix Project 10 years later where they played the roles of Bill and Eric to discuss new challenges that have resulted from Parts Unlimited’s cloud-first strategy.

Part 3 (of 3-part series):

DevOps increases how quickly you can deliver new features to the market. However, new opportunities mean new challenges—this is where DevSecOps comes into play. Join Erik and Bill as they meet with Sarah Moulton, Parts Unlimited's SVP of Retail Operations, who urges them to find a balance between classic IT governance, risk, and compliance.

Learn more: https://www.redhat.com/en/engage/teaching-an-elephant-to-dance-20180321

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