For years, Red Hat Certification exams have helped individuals and teams build confidence and validate that they possess the skills, processes and culture needed to optimize and modernize IT organizations. Red Hat’s performance-based certification exams cover the entire Red Hat technology portfolio and include skills surrounding enterprise architecture, core Linux administration, developer knowledge of specialized frameworks and emerging technologies like container and cloud computing. Training and exams are available across all versions of Red Hat products to ensure that each participant has the opportunity to learn in an environment that aligns with and translates to their own. Historically, this has been accomplished by allowing test takers to select the exam that aligns with their environment upon purchase. 

Beginning October 1, 2022, Red Hat Training and Certification will make individual exam scheduling even more flexible. Test takers will now have the opportunity to select an exam version based upon any release available on the date of scheduling, rather than being held to the version that was available or selected upon purchase. This change in the scheduling process gives customers the self-service flexibility to select the exam release they prefer to test on. Learners can easily switch the release that their exam is based upon to align with the needs of their organization or professional journey, alleviating the time and energy spent coordinating with a support team to make this change. They will also no longer be required to know the exact release needed in order to purchase an exam.

Exams that have been purchased but not yet redeemed are eligible for this self-service version scheduling, streamlining the process of changing release versions for existing customers. No action is required on the part of the purchaser, and the user experience will be automatically updated with this change within the scheduling portal.

Red Hat combines outcome-driven courses, hands-on labs and performance-based exams to assess, train and validate skills with Red Hat technologies. The flexible curriculum covers highly-sought after practices, including automation, app development and hybrid cloud management. Start your training and certification journey to achieve your goals for accelerated development, delivery and return on investment. Have problems with or questions about your Red Hat Certification? Submit the contact form and our team will be in touch.

About the author

Randy Russell is the director of Certification and leads the team that develops and delivers Red Hat's certification programs and exams.  A long-time proponent of performance-based testing, he has served on the board and as president and chairman of the Performance Testing Council, as well as having presented on this subject and others at industry conferences such as the Association of Test Publishers, the European Association of Test Publishers, CeDMA and TSIA.  Prior to joining Red Hat, Russell was a system administrator and programmer at an environmental economics consulting firm.

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