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Red Hat and Alibaba Cloud Join Forces to Bring Increased Flexibility with Open Source

Alibaba Cloud is now part of the Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider program, joining a group of technology industry leaders who offer Red Hat-tested and validated solutions that extend the functionality of Red Hat's broad portfolio of open source cloud solutions.


Red Hat, Google Cloud, and other industry leaders join together to standardize Kubernetes service component auditing and policy enforcement

Red Hat is participating in two open source projects that aim to make it easier to find and store a variety of metadata, specifically metadata that service owners commonly use to describe the software that run their respective businesses.


Nominations are open for the 2018 Women in Open Source Award

We created this award four years ago with the hopes of shining a light on the contributions women make to open source. These women are role models in the community, encouraging the next generation to join the movement, and giving us many reasons to celebrate.


ITPro Windows - Using Containers? Look for the OCI Seal of Approval

Some standards have been set for container technology. That's a good thing. Until July, when the Open Container Initiative (OCI) released version 1.0 of its specification, there were no standards when it came to containers. Container tools marked OCI compliant should give DevOps the same confidence that consumers have when plugging a UL approved toaster into the wall.


Containers aren’t just for applications

Containers have grabbed so much attention because they demonstrated a way to solve the software packaging problem that the IT industry had been poking and prodding at for a very long time.

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