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Open Help logo The 2015 Open Help Conference & Sprints takes place September 26-30 in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Our own Shaun McCance recently outlined some of the best practices in managing your own documentation sprints.

Sprints are one of the most effective tools for building momentum and community around an open source documentation project. For the past four years, the Open Help Conference & Sprints has hosted doc sprints for a number of prominent open source projects, and often has been the first sprint venue for a project. Open Help celebrates its fifth year in 2015 with a venue upgrade and space for six doc sprints.

Open Help has a unique format that includes presentations as well as attendee-led open discussion. Open source projects face unique challenges, and the discussion format allows people to ask questions and share solutions on everything from content planning to building community.

Perhaps more importantly, though, Open Help hosts three-day doc sprints for open source projects. Open Help handles all the logistics, freeing people up to focus on their content and their community. What's more, having sprints alongside other projects affords the opportunity to learn best practices from other teams...

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