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by Walter Tessman, Partner Marketing @ Red Hat

Red Hat Storage is now integrated with Intel Distribution to deliver big data storage and analytics through a scalable infrastructure. Intel Distribution provides the open source Apache Hadoop software platform with industry-leading performance, and includes hardware-enhanced security and Intel software tools for enterprise-grade management. Red Hat Storage provides a storage platform that is both cost-effective and highly scalable.

Integration is made possible by the Red Hat Storage adapter for Apache Hadoop. This provides access to data on the Gluster file system, without compromising API compatibility with the Apache Hadoop environment. This integration provides Hadoop users with Red Hat Storage features such as disaster recovery, and avoids the single point of failure that is inherent in the HDFS architecture. Thus, businesses are able to protect their investment in scalable, software-defined storage. High-level, big data analytics with Apache Hadoop can now be safely and reliably accomplished on data stored in the Red Hat Storage Server. Benefits include:

  • Enterprise-wide file sharing with single-point access across data storage locations
  • Nearline storage for infrequently accessed data that needs to be online
  • Audio/video content distribution with petabyte-scale storage and high-read performance requirements
  • High-performance storage for bandwidth-intensive applications such as weather prediction and oil and gas exploration
  • Centralized SaaS to enterprise apps
  • Backup target and archive for on-site and off-site data protection

Key features of Intel Distribution of Apache Hadoop:

  • Authenticates queries and encrypts data
  • Enforces role-based access control
  • Provides enterprise-grade management with reliable deployment, configuration, tuning, monitoring and alerts
  • Optimizes performance on Intel hardware

Key features of Red Hat Storage Distribution of Apache Hadoop:

  • Maintains data locality as cluster scales
  • Provides instant compatibility with HDFS API
  • Reduces scale-out costs
  • Avoids NameNode bottlenecks and single point of failure
  • Includes disaster recovery with geo replication
  • Provides POSIX compliance for easy data ingest and export

For more information, go to: Red Hat Storage
For questions, contact a Red Hat representative

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