Red Hat provides an industry-leading support experience for thousands of open source applications and solutions. An exciting addition to Red Hat’s Support delivery capabilities is a new fault detection framework, Andreas, a toolchain designed to automatically identify customer problems based on the data sent to us through normal case resolution.

Andreas inspects data that our customers send to us as part of case attachments and automatically identifies when a customer problem is caused by a product bug, identifies if the bug is new or known, and gets all of the debugging information directly to development engineers. This workflow substantially expedites case resolution and patch delivery, improving both the product and our customers’ experiences.

Andreas currently detects bugs in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 cases, and is expected to quickly expand to include additional products, including earlier versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and our JBoss Enterprise Middleware product suite.

Andreas forms a cornerstone of Red Hat’s support capabilities for cloud users and providers, providing generic problem reporting to solution mapping and real-time analytics on the state of the cloud. We intend to expand the current bug discovery capabilities of Andreas to include generic problem to solution mapping designed to deliver resolutions to problems without requiring customers to open a case. Unlike traditional support, customers will be able to access this information on-demand, with an option to follow up with world-class support engineers if needed.

Following the release of the Customer Portal in June 2010, and our unified case management system in September 2010, Andreas is another case of Red Hat’s leadership in delivering value for our customers and leading innovation in the open source industry.

Visit the Customer Portal to see new videos and other content and look forward to more diagnostic tools and knowledge coming your way as part of your Red Hat subscription.

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