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Congrats to Ansible! Within the last month, Ansible turned 5 years old, but that didn't stop them from being recognized as the 2016 Open Source Rookie of the Year for their new open source project around containers.

Linux® containers continue to be a key initiative in IT, and we are pleased to have the Ansible community's efforts recognized. We're looking forward to seeing what is to come from this young project this year, and happy to have Ansible as part of Red Hat's container portfolio.

What is Ansible?

Ansible containers may be getting the awards this year, but Ansible itself has laid the foundation for helping you simplify the most complex areas of business IT by centralizing your infrastructure and moving app deployment, configuration management, and orchestration all into one system.

Working in IT, you're likely doing the same tasks over and over. What if you could solve problems once and then automate your solutions going forward? Ansible is a simple, agentless IT automation technology that can improve your current processes, migrate applications for better optimization, and provide a single language for DevOps practices across your organization.

Many customers have come to rely on Red Hat for their IT infrastructure. With Ansible, you can supercharge your Red Hat deployment, bringing Ansible's simple IT automation to all aspects of your business. Whether it's hooking into Red Hat Satellite to provision and configure your systems with Ansible, using Ansible and Ansible Tower to deploy your applications to OpenShift, or using Ansible's simple automation to deploy, manage, and upgrade your OpenStack cloud, Ansible and Tower work seamlessly in a Red Hat Enterprise environment to streamline your IT operations and cut your IT costs.

Build your Ansible Skills with Red Hat Training:

Red Hat Training and Certification helps IT professionals become skilled, proven, and ready to successfully automate, configure, and manage Ansible to create and standardize centralized automation practices that add business value and build a strong foundation for DevOps.


Ansible Training

Automation with Ansible (DO407)

Learn how to install and configure Ansible, create and run playbooks to configure systems, and learn to manage inventories.


Ansible Certification

Red Hat Certificate of Expertise Ansible Automation exam (EX407)

The performance-based Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Ansible Automation exam (EX407) tests your ability to use Ansible to automate the configuration of systems and applications.


New to Ansible?

Ansible Essentials: Simplicity in Automation Free Technical Overview (DO007)

A series of on-demand, online videos that introduces you to Ansible automation and configuration management, provisioning, deploying, and managing compute infrastructure across cloud, virtual, and physical environments with Ansible.


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