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The 2014 Open Help Conference & Sprints takes place this weekend, June 14-18, in downtown Cincinnati at the Garfield Suites Hotel.

Rich Bowen, OpenStack Community Liaison at Red Hat and a director of the Apache Software Foundation, will be speaking on Saturday, June 14, and he will share some insights gleaned from 15 years of working on documentation and answering the newbies.

Who should attend Rich's talk, RTFM? Write a better FM!? "Anyone involved in support of any kind (documentation, mailing list, IRC, forum, phone) around a software product, or, for that matter, any product," Rich says. "This talk is about how to help end-users find the answers to their questions, become better members of the community, and themselves, in turn, help others."

Also, condsider the location. Rich adds, "The conference is downtown Cincinnati, which is one of the greatest cities in the US, with awesome restaurants, beautiful architecture, a great aquarium and museums, and lot of other great reasons to visit."

Plus this conference is easy on the pocket book. Registration is only $50 (USD) and includes all presentations, open discussions, admission to the team sprints, breakfast, and the pre-conference reception. Register at:

RTFM? Write a better FM! slides are available online now.

Follow Rich Bowen on Twitter at @rbowen and keep an eye on the RDO community at @RDOcommunity.

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