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Welcome to Red Hat Stack, an OpenStack blog! All of us at Red Hat are excited about OpenStack: both what we are doing as a company to bring to market enterprise products based on OpenStack and as a leading corporate contributor to the OpenStack community. In this blog you will find posts from our OpenStack Product Management and Engineering teams, charged with the development of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and blazing a trail on the OpenStack project.

This blog is your insight into all things OpenStack. From community projects, specific Red Hat endeavors to thought leadership on cloud infrastructure, our teams will be providing both business value and deep dive technical pieces. We welcome your commentary and engagement as we move into the fast paced world of Horizon, Cinder, Glance, Nova, Neutron, Swift, Keystone and the many, many projects to come.

Follow the Code: On the Road to OpenStack Summit, Hong Kong 2013

Apropos of the time of year, I think it’s best to kick-off this blog with what you can expect from Red Hat at the OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong on November 5 – 8. As I look back to April and our attendance at the OpenStack Summit in Portland, I am amazed and proud to be part of such a growing and important movement.

OpenStack Keynote, Panels and Sessions

This year in Hong Kong, Mark McLoughlin a Senior Principal Software Engineer and OpenStack contributor, will host a keynote. We’ll have 12 Red Hatters either participating in panels or hosting sessions and we will have demos at our booth #A3.

For details on our panels and sessions visit: http://community.redhat.com/events/#OpenStack%20Summit%20Hong%20Kong

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Do you have a disaster recovery plan? Regardless if you do or are in the midst of deploying, creating or thinking about disaster recovery, you’ll want to know more about DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) and why the timing is ripe for DRaaS and OpenStack.

If you will be in Hong Kong, come and learn about the Red Hat and IBM initiative to design disaster recovery as a service for OpenStack. Not going to Hong Kong? We will keep you posted via a series of blog posts around DRaaS for OpenStack.

DRaaS is an umbrella topic that describes what needs to be done for workloads running in an OpenStack cloud to survive a large scale disaster. The architecture will be open and allow vendor products to be integrated with the DRaaS using plug-ins and APIs.

Our vision is that OpenStack should provide a consistent mechanism to abstract the DR support built into many enterprise systems. Higher level automation should be able to easily configure these mechanisms into a DR solution appropriate for a workload, and provide a solution for both the born-in-the-cloud applications that are stateless in nature, as well as traditional applications that require storage and state.

Visit us again for additional posts about DRaaS.

Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network – A built-in ecosystem

In Portland, we announced that nearly thirty partners - including Cisco and Intel- had joined our Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network. By June, the Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network graduated from its early adopter program and boasted more than 100 global technology industry leaders as members, including Bull, Dell, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, Juniper Networks, Lenovo, Lockheed Martin, NEC, NetApp, Symantec, and Wipro. We also announced the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Certification, and the Red Hat Certified Solution Marketplace, highlighting all of the solutions that have achieved certification. Our OpenStack ecosystem continues to grow, and we’re pleased to see industry leading companies rallying around Red Hat’s OpenStack offerings.

Red Hat and Intel announce On-Ramp to Enterprise OpenStack

 Today, we launched a new program with Intel to simplify the evaluation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform on Intel Architecture. The On-Ramp to Enterprise OpenStack program has two parts:

  1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform on Intel Architecture TestFlight, a hosted, multi-tenant implementation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform on Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers that organizations can use to build proofs of concept and demonstrations to evaluate Red Hat’s OpenStack offerings; and the

  2. On-Ramp to Enterprise OpenStack Road Tour, a series of workshops in North America and Europe, consisting of instructor-led training and hands-on workshops within the TestFlight environment utilizing Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform on Intel Architecture.

Learn more about the program and locations for the road tour.

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