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Today, we’re pleased to announce the availability of JBoss Portal Platform 6, the latest version of our enterprise portal technology. We’re excited about this release as it further builds on the best of what JBoss Portal Platform has to offer the lean portal market – a proven, high-performance solution that gives enterprises the flexibility to build and deploy high impact, targeted self-service applications while leveraging their existing infrastructure and other JBoss investments. Here are a few reasons why you should be paying attention to this newest version of JBoss Portal Platform.

Looking under the hood, customers will see that we built this version on Red Hat’s JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6, which gives JBoss Portal Platform powerful and reliable performance at scale while maintaining an extremely light footprint. This benefits our customers in several ways. One benefit is allowing customers to better optimize their infrastructure by utilizing virtualization and private cloud technologies, while still providing an exemplary experience for their own users.

Self-service portal technologies are often used in environments that experience rapid changes in demand. Examples might include processing millions of transactions tied to yearly tax payments or holiday shopping orders that surge unexpectedly. When service levels during peak times are indistinguishable from those during normal or low periods, users are happy. Earlier versions of JBoss Portal Platform did a good job of making this a reality, and version 6 does it even better.

We anticipate that customers will also enjoy updates that further enhance their ability to leverage existing investments and skills within their web application ecosystems (service-oriented architecture, content management, business intelligence, etc.). Here are a few highlights:

  • Through the updated JBoss Portlet Bridge, developers can easily deploy the latest JavaServer Faces 2 (JSF2) and RichFaces 4 applications directly into the portal.
  • Single-sign on (SSO) can be implemented with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0.
  • JBoss Portal Platform 6 ships with Maven quick starts, allowing developers to get up and running more quickly.

These features and benefits go directly back to the customer, and you may have noticed a theme emerging: easy integration with your existing systems as well as integration with the greater Red Hat JBoss Middleware family. As shown in this new video, JBoss Portal Platform doesn’t exist in isolation:

  • It runs on JBoss Enterprise Application Platform technology.
  • It includes advanced developer tooling such as Portlet Bridge, and is integrated into JBoss Developer Studio.
  • JBoss Operations Network provides a single interface for managing the portal.

All of this allows us to draw on the strength of Red Hat to support the strategic needs of our customers. For more information about JBoss Portal Platform, including demos, customer case studies and analyst research, please visit http://www.redhat.com/products/jbossenterprisemiddleware/portal

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