The entire world is impressed by the courage and determination of the Japanese people as they approach the challenge of relief and recovery. We at Red Hat, along with millions of people around the world, seek ways where we can constructively and immediately help their efforts. Talking with our colleagues, friends and partners in Japan, it became clear that we could help, in some small way, by doing what we do best: delivering strong technology. It turns out that information technology is a key tool in planning, communicating and implementing disaster relief and recovery activities.

And this is a clear case where cloud computing shines. Cloud computing allows for the rapid deployment of new computing capacity, in response to unexpected demand. Without the time, complexity and cost of setting up new computers and datacenters. Red Hat is proud to have joined with our Certified Cloud Provider partners in Japan to provide free cloud computing capacity (including the free use of our software) to assist in disaster relief and recovery. Red Hat and our partners are reaching out to agencies and individuals in Japan to make them aware of these services.

In addition to offering cloud technologies in assistance, Red Hat has also made a monetary donation and is matching portions of employee donations to help with the relief efforts in Japan.

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