Brian and Paul Cuzner revisit Splunk cold storage migration, which they originally discussed here. Now, while they originally just talked about the process, today Paul has a working demo to show us! In fact, the tool and process are available to test in a beta program. Watch the video to check out the demo, and read on to learn more – as well as getting information to participate in the beta.

About the demo

Paul has set up a Splunk test environment which has a Splunk master server and three Splunk indexers – a typical Splunk environment. Paul has also added a Red Hat Gluster Storage volume to hold the cold storage.

The migration tool Paul is demonstrating can ease the transition of data from existing indexers to Red Hat Gluster volumes. The goal of the tool is to make the process as easy and simple as possible because managing your data can easily become a nightmare.

Of particular note, Red Hat Gluster Storage includes a customizable browser-based dashboard that exposes the number of active copy tasks, targets, files copied and remaining.

To learn more, visit the Red Hat Gluster Storage site or contact your solutions architects and the Red Hat Sales team to get a hold of the beta code to help us move this tool to general availability.