Red Hat is excited to sponsor our first esports event, DreamHack Atlanta on November 16-18, 2018. DreamHack is the world’s premier esports festival that celebrates the lifestyle of the gamer, and Red Hat will be there to sponsor a number of activities and provide a technical support booth for attendees who want to talk about gaming on open source platforms.

Wait, Red Hat and esports? How do those go together?

The majority of Internet infrastructure runs on Linux. The game servers, the streaming media servers, websites, and other infrastructure that powers online gaming? Much of that is powered by Linux. And Indie games are making a huge push to open source as well. We want to support that, because more open source is always a good thing!

Many of today's games depend on a robust online and multiplayer experience. Whether it's a mobile game serving up push notifications and leaderboards, to MMORPGs that require scaling to meet demand, you need a robust, scalable, and reliable platform to help make the gaming experience smooth and responsive for players.

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How to find us at DreamHack

“Look for the guy in the Red Hat.” This was the sentiment decades ago when Marc Ewing (one of Red Hat’s co-founders) wore his grandfather’s red lacrosse cap in the computer lab. Students who needed help knew to look for the guy in the red hat.

The same is true today at DreamHack Atlanta, where Red Hat support staff (who happen to be gamers themselves) will be on hand to support the experience for gamers attending DreamHack. Look for us at the IT Help Desk in the BYOC area, and tell us your gaming stories or ask about developing games for open source platforms.

Whether you’re attending DreamHack or not, you might enjoy this series from Dan Courcy on Command Line Heroes: The Game and check out the podcast, Command Line Heroes, that inspired it.

Learn more about Red Hat’s interest in open source gaming, and meet us at DreamHack in Atlanta!

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