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Grab some popcorn, turn down the lights and gather around your computer screen as we announce the premiere of Red Hat Stories. A collection of 16 short videos, Red Hat Stories feature company leaders from around the world discussing who we are, what we do and how we do it.


Download this video: [Ogg Theora]

* We start with "The Red Hat Way" video, giving insight into who we are as a company.
* The series then moves to "The Value of Red Hat in Jim’s Words" with Jim Whitehurst, president and CEO, describing how the open source development model, our enterprise-class software, a customer-friendly business model and the open source architecture add up to a better way for customers.
* Next is the "Technologies" series, including an overview video on our technologies and deep dives into virtualization, middleware, management, performance and services.
* The "Subscription Model" series highlights the value of a subscription, including supporting videos on the subscription ecosystem and support.
* Lastly, the "Liberating Innovation" series provides an overview of our efforts in liberating innovation, and supporting stories on open standards, software licensing and copyleft, software patent challenges, and promoting open governments.

But, really, why just read about it when you could watch the videos? View the Red Hat Stories now:

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