For those of you out there looking to learn a bit more about what application development looks like in a Red Hat OpenShift environment, you may want to sign up for the Virtual Event we'll be hosting on October 10, 2019. This Online Event. will drill down into the practices and processes that can help increase developer velocity and productivity. The event will feature keynotes from Brian Gracely, Director of Product Strategy at Red Hat, and Mike Piech, Vice President and General Manager of Middleware at Red Hat.

This virtual event is a bit like an online conference, complete with three tracks of talks on a dozen topics. From microservices, to integration patterns, to serverless computing, this virtual event will make it easier to find the information you need to bring your development teams up to speed on Kubernetes, OpenShift and hybrid cloud computing at scale.

The two keynotes are detailed below. Head over to the event page to register now!

Innovating in a Hybrid Business World

Brian Gracely, Director of Project Strategy, Red Hat

It's been nearly a decade since software began eating the world and developers became the new kingmakers. But app makers are still frustrated that they can't build fast enough, deploy fast enough, and not worry about other layers of the stack. In this keynote, we'll talk about the reasons why companies are faced with hybrid opportunities and challenges at the business level, and how this impacts app makers. We'll also highlight how Red Hat is bringing together technology, innovation and culture to help remove the friction for app makers in ways that will help them success with existing and future applications.

Cloud-Native Development with Red Hat Middleware

Mike Piech, Vice President and General Manager, Middleware

Modern business requires the ability to roll out functionality to customers and employees faster than ever before, yet still requires extreme reliability in service delivery. While new technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to boost productivity it is rarely possible to make wholesale platform changes and constancy remains critical.

In this talk we will provide an overview of key architecture strategies that can boost developer productivity, improve robustness and enable long term evolution of IT environments. Topics covered will include the impact of containerization, APIs, next generation integration, process automation and development processes. The talk will also cover a number of examples that show how such application environment flexibility can have a major impact on business outcomes.

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