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Register your interest: Ansible Network Automation Workshop

Learn how Ansible can build, manage and scale network automation - throughout the entire production life cycle.

Ansible’s simple automation framework means that previously isolated network administrators can finally speak the same language of automation as the rest of the IT organisation, extending the capabilities of Ansible to include native support for both legacy and open network infrastructure devices. Network devices and systems can now be included in an organisation’s overall automation strategy for a holistic approach to application workload management.

Attendees in this hands-on workshop will learn about:

  • Ansible Engine for Network Automation
  • Running Ad-hoc commands
  • How to use Ansible Playbooks – Backing Up Configurations
  • How to create Router Configurations
  • Creating Ansible Roles and Reusing Playbooks

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  • **This event is suited for network engineers, network operators, DevOps engineers, site reliability engineers, system engineers, system administrators, developers, operations staff, security professionals and anyone with area of interest in network automation.