4 benefits of Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises can gain by working with Red Hat ® OpenShift® cloud services. Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift offers organizations a jointly managed, enterprise-grade Kubernetes solution for Microsoft Azure public cloud. Adopting Red Hat OpenShift not only provides benefits across the organization, it can positively impact a company’s bottom line with a return on investment (ROI) of 468% over three years.1

Surveyed organizations using Azure Red Hat OpenShift reported:   

  • Prior concern with lack of time for developers to focus their attention on innovation and delivery of novel technologies.
  • A reduction in development time of between 60% and 70%.
  • A development velocity of nearly US$1.5 million collectively (in a three-year organization financial analysis).1

Download this checklist that highlights four essential benefits and Forrester’s findings.

  • 1 Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Red Hat, "Azure Red Hat OpenShift Provides More Value And Support To Cloud-First Organizations," February 2022.