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Forrester Study

Hybrid cloud: an obvious reality or a conservative strategy?

Learn why private cloud is still a high priority in the push toward digital transformation

In “Hybrid Cloud: An Obvious Reality Or a Conservative Strategy?,” the second of a two-part study conducted by Forrester, organizations reveal the importance of private cloud in their overall cloud migration strategies.

Public cloud is here, but private cloud is just as important. And organizations are seeing the benefits of cloud strategies that encompass both: improved IT infrastructure management and flexibility, better cost management, and the ability for IT departments to focus on strategic projects rather than manage datacenters.

Additionally, there isn’t a mass migration of all applications taking place. Despite having invested in large-scale migrations to public clouds, organizations still see the value in private cloud for existing workloads.

Forrester’s in-depth study reveals:

  • Huge shifts to public cloud are not expected and private cloud investment is on the rise
  • Migrators are opting for strategies that allow for the efficient development of new applications (public cloud) while optimizing existing ones (private cloud)
  • To maximize efficiency and return on investment, businesses must put the time and effort into deciding which workloads belong in the public cloud, and which are better suited for the private cloud


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