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Microrules: Business Rules in Modern Architectures

  • 20 décembre 2016
  • Webinar

Being able to create business rules, and easily redefine them when necessary, is a competitive advantage in today's quickly-changing business environment. Business rules are at the heart of every organization’s operations. They define the laws and regulations to which the organization is bound, they drive business process decisions, and they determine pricing of products and services.

Microservices modularize monoliths into small services with open and standard interfaces that can be individually implemented, deployed and scaled, depending on the requirements of the application. Containers provide the environment where microservices operate (OS, runtime, libraries, configuration) to be shipped in lightweight images, allowing for easier, faster, more predictable, and more scalable deployments.

Join this webinar to see how Red Hat® JBoss® BRMS and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform:

  • Help you quickly extract documented or implicit business rules and explicitly define them with a standard and centrally managed rules language.
  • Let you package those explicitly defined rules into containers and deploy them as microservices.


  • Duncan Doyle, technical marketing manager, Red Hat


Date: December 20, 2016

Time: 11:00 a.m. ET

Length: 1 hour