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OpenDemo: Avoiding Vendor Lock-in and That Proprietary Tax December 13

  • 13 décembre 2018

Open Demo: Avoiding Vendor Lock-in and That "Proprietary Tax"

Red Hat’s Infrastructure Migration Solution can help organizations accelerate their digital transformation journey without increasing their costs, allowing them to invest in transformative technologies such as containers, automation, and multi-cloud management by lowering the cost of their existing infrastructure investments.

The solution achieves this by analyzing the cost of the existing infrastructure and providing an alternative virtualization platform for both new growth and existing workloads. New workloads can be delivered on the alternative platform in an automated fashion with self-service ensuring IT can quickly recreate the workloads on future platforms, such as public clouds without a heavy burden. Existing workloads are then analyzed and migrated using a proven methodology to ensure all business requirements are satisfied for the workload, such as migrating within proper change control windows and having approvals from needed stakeholders.

Finally, the savings realized from the infrastructure migration, often 40-50% over the existing long-term commitment are used to accelerate the adoption of technologies around multi-cloud management, automation, and containers.

Date: December 13, 2018

Time: 2 p.m. ET