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Optimizing your CX solutions for customer satisfaction and retention

Voir le replay du 23 septembre 2020

CX has become a top priority since the start of COVID-19, according to IDC research. IDC research reveals that enterprises across the globe have escalated CX importance both during and post-COVID.

Senior executives consider customer retention to be critical to surviving the downturn and emerging stronger. But operational (customer experience) CX challenges are becoming evident. Many existing CX solutions are not flexible enough to cope with the ever-increasing speed of market changes and customer expectations.

Enterprises are looking to capture and use real-time data in conjunction with customer data that sits in their existing CX systems. Combining the two, and applying smart business rules, allows enterprises to engage with customers at the right time, with the right targeted response. Customers need to feel cared for and looked after by, and businesses can help achieve this with optimized CX solutions.

This webinar helps reveal how open source solutions provide bridges between CX vendors' proprietary walled gardens. We discuss how speed and agility can be added to your CX solutions to deliver real-time responses to customer needs; how unfixable CX systems quirks can be addressed to deliver incremental customer value; and and how Red Hat's implementation approach and enterprise open source software add value to your existing CX capabilities by enabling use cases that will delight your customers. 

Topics covered:

  • How open source CX optimization solutions deliver business resilience and innovation
  • Examples of practical enterprise CX optimization use cases
  • The open source approach to CX optimization uncovered

Live event date: Wednesday, September 23, 2020 | 11 a.m. CEST

On-demand event: Available for one year afterward.

Gerry Brown

Gerry Brown

Research Director, European Software Group, IDC

Gerry is the CX Research Director for IDC in Europe and leads IDC's European CX Practice. His research includes CX platforms and design services, agile innovation, employee experience, digital transformation, CRM, analytics and smart personalisation, emotional engagement, and customer adventures. Previously Gerry was a post-graduate Marketing lecturer, a software Marketing Director, and an entrepreneur founding several successful agencies.

Paul Brown

Paul Brown

Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat

Paul Brown is a Senior Architect within the Red Hat EMEA Cloud Native Solutions Practice focused on driving Business Automation and Optimisation solution engagements. With a career spanning over two decades, Paul has gained a wealth of consulting and technical delivery experience assisting clients on a wide range of complex integration and business automation projects.

Ronald Meuwsen

Ronald Meuwsen

EMEA Sales Lead & Business Development, Red Hat

Ronald Meuwsen heads up business development for Red Hat’s middleware offerings in EMEA. He aims to enable businesses and organizations to innovate and grow, and is a strong believer that moving to cloud-native application development, a process-driven approach and a collaborative culture are key elements to help achieve that.