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Cloud automation with Ansible for cloud providers

Voir le replay du 15 septembre 2021
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Can cloud providers benefit from Ansible®Content Collections? Yes, they can—by accelerating the development of customers’ cloud environments and the adoption of cloud services. XLAB Steampunk team specializes in IT automation and offers cloud providers the ability to fast track their high-quality Ansible Certified content. Ansible Content Collections align with Red Hat best practices and extend the automation capabilities of Red Hat® Ansible Automation Platform. XLAB Steampunk team offers adept Ansible knowledge to help cloud providers get to market faster, automate their customers’ complex tasks, and increase revenue without the need to build their own Ansible practice.

Join this webinar to discover:

  • The benefits and key use cases of cloud automation with Ansible

  • How Ansible Collections prompts usage of cloud provider services

  • How cloud providers can benefit from XLAB Steampunk—in automation consultation, design, implementation, maintenance, and ongoing support

  • How the application of Ansible Collections works

Live event date: Wednesday, September 15, 2021 | 10 a.m. CEST

On-demand event: Available for one year afterward.


Håkan Hagenrud

Solutions Architect, Red Hat Nordics

Håkan Hagenrud has worked in IT for over 20 years and specializes in infrastructure, containers, and automation. He strives for customer success by helping businesses and developers make the most of Red Hat OpenShift®.


Gregor Berginc

CEO, XLAB & XLAB Steampunk

Gregor Berginc is the Chief Executive Officer at XLAB and a Head of XLAB Steampunk. He’s a passionate leader who collaborates closely with marketing, product development, and engineering teams to define and deliver new products and services for enterprise clients. Gregor enjoys taking organizations through a successful automation journey.


Tadej Borovšak

Ansible Expert, XLAB Steampunk

Tadej Borovšak works with tools that make the lives of fellow programmers and system administrators easier. He uses Ansible to automate everything from physical server provisions to serverless application deployments. Tadej regularly writes blog posts about his technological endeavors.