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Introduction to Subscription Management Tools

Voir le replay du 12 décembre 2018

Introduction to Subscription Management Tools

The Subscription Education and Awareness team is hosting a live webinar that will teach you the basics of Red Hat software subscription management.

Now that you’ve purchased your Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions, what’s next?  Are you new to Red Hat Subscription Manager (RHSM) or Red Hat Satellite 6? This webinar will give you the ability to simplify and optimize your subscription management strategies.

In this live webinar, our experts will cover:

  • How to administer subscriptions in the Red Hat customer portal Customer portal demonstration
  • Using RHSM and Red Hat Satellite 6 to manage subscriptions
  • Activation keys
  • Shortcuts to configuring virt-who and registering systems

Join us to build the skills that will enable you to be successful at managing Red Hat subscriptions!

Mark Vickstrom

senior solutions architect, Subscription Education and Awareness Program, Red Hat

Mark works on the Subscription Education and Awareness Program contributing to Red Hat’s discovery tooling and helps customers with best practices for subscription management. Mark leads the Subscription Management Workshop, which is an on-site, half-day workshop with Red Hat customers. He outlines best practices for managing their subscriptions, and which tools can aid them in that process.

Antoni Johnson

solutions architect, subscription education and awareness program, Red Hat

Antoni works in the EMEA Subscription Education and Awareness Program in helping customers understanding the best practices for Subscription Management.

Antoni's background in SAM gives him a great understanding from both the Red Hat and customer perspectives around the importance of proper management processes and helps customers with the deployment of tools to aid with this as well as optimizing the use of subscriptions within their environments.