Introduction to pragmatic site reliability engineering

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Many organizations are implementing site reliability engineering as ideas trickle down from leading companies like Google, which is credited with pioneering the field. SRE brings a new lens to viewing infrastructure that provides unique insights to achieving better efficiency and reliability. The number of open roles in this field is growing rapidly, and developers and IT professionals are looking to cross-train and learn the fundamentals of SRE.

In this webinar, you’ll get a taste of a new training course, Introduction to Pragmatic Site Reliability Engineering (TL112), which provides the fundamental concepts for organizations to begin adopting SRE. Join us to learn a pragmatic approach to SRE and its guiding principles.

In this webinar, we’ll cover these basic SRE principles:

  • What SRE is

  • Minimizing and managing toil

  • Using error budgets

  • Aligning developers and system administrators

Live event date: Thursday, February 24, 2022 | 10 a.m. ET

On-demand event: Available for one year afterward

Alejandro Córcoles Briongos

Services Content Architect, Global Learning Services, Red Hat

Álex Córcoles works in the DevOps practice of Red Hat Global Learning Services, creating courses on topics such as OpenShift®. Álex is an enthusiast of agile practices, DevOps, continuous delivery, and software engineering. Prior to Red Hat, he worked in diverse positions related to software delivery and IT operations.