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From legacy IT operations to modern self-service innovation: An automation story

Voir le replay du 18 mars 2021
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Like most of its customers, Red Hat is constantly undergoing digital transformation and exploring new and better ways of working. Until recently, the Red Hat® IT Operations team was primarily focused on operations. The team performed activities like on-call alert monitoring, resolving tickets, applying patches to systems, rebooting systems, updating certificates, and provisioning bare metal or virtual machines. Many of these activities were managed and maintained manually via a spreadsheet. It was becoming increasingly difficult to scale manual operations and meet growing demands.

Because of a strong company commitment to continuous improvement and digital innovation, the Red Hat team decided to evolve their strategy and adopt their own Red Hat products like Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform, Red Hat OpenShift®, and Red Hat OpenStack® Platform. They followed industry best practices to transform their own IT team from pure operations toward true engineering with automated on-call alert monitoring, ticket management, server provisioning, server decommissioning, and certificate management, which the applications teams are now using. This has improved associate productivity, reduced downtime, improved application uptime, and reduced time to fix incidents.

This webinar will benefit technical professionals focused on infrastructure who want to see how to turn their legacy operational team into a modern self-service organization with a focus on digital innovation.

During this webinar you will see:

  • How to address infrastructure demand and scalability issues.
  • Ways you can turn legacy operations teams into a modern and digitally innovative self-service team.
  • How adopting a similar approach can help improve satisfaction with your customers and within your own team.

Live event date: Thursday March 18, 2021 | 2 p.m. ET

On-demand event: Available for one year afterward.


Vikas Kumar

Senior Manager, Red Hat IT

Vikas Kumar works for the Red Hat IT department in the infrastructure management space. Vikas has experience working with several Red Hat products like Red Hat Container Storage, Identity Management, Keycloak, Ansible Automation Platform, and Ansible Tower. Vikas is experienced in both application development and infrastructure.

Igor Donev

Igor Donev

Manager, Red Hat IT

Igor Donev is  the Network Product Owner for the Red Hat IT department. Igor has experience working with several Red Hat products that enable his team to do network automation, like Ansible Automation Platform and Ansible Tower. Igor has years of experience on the networking side and also runs operations across the infrastructure.