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New access options for Enterprise Linux for enterprise development teams

Organizations running Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® in production and another Linux distribution in their development environments now have an opportunity to standardize on Red Hat Enterprise Linux across those departments with a new no-cost subscription*. Having the same operating system (OS) in production and development enables you to build and test applications on the same innovative and reliable platform used for production workloads, supporting tighter coupling between new application development and the transition to production environments.

With a Red Hat Developer Subscription for Teams, you get all the benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including rapid security updates, access to all Red Hat Enterprise Linux certifications, Red Hat Enterprise Linux management tools, including Red Hat Insights, and access to extended life cycle offerings. 

Join this webinar and discover how this new Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription allows more efficient access than ever before.

This webinar is part of a 4-part series where we highlight the many benefits and advantages of migrating from CentOS Linux to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

*Red Hat Developer Subscription for Teams is available for organizations already running other Red Hat technologies.

Speaker: Eric "IT Guy" Hendricks, Operations Advocate, Red Hat

Eric Hendricks is a technical contributor for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the host of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Presents, a podcaster, and an open source advocate. With 15 years of IT experience, Eric started as a systems administrator specializing in Linux before joining the Red Hat Enterprise Linux team.

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Event date: Wednesday, October 5, 8-9am PT

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