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Real-world AI: How to use it now for competitive advantage

Watch recording from 30 janvier 2020


Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining a foothold in many enterprises, with promises to unlock secrets hidden in mountains of enterprise data, revolutionize business efficiency, and free workers from mundane, repetitive tasks. But AI is a broad category of technical solutions. How do we apply it to solve problems, and what types of AI deliver quick, measurable results?

In this webinar, we’ll explore optimization of resource usage and the application of AI to find solutions that are virtually impossible to determine by other means. Whether it's routing and scheduling a fleet of maintenance vehicles and workers, creating a shift roster for hundreds of staff, or optimizing inventory in complex supply chains, these planning problems have one thing in common: They reward those who can find the best solution with competitive advantage.

Join us to learn how organizations are using Red Hat® Decision Manager to help solve their most challenging problems through optimization of their key resources. We’ll cover:

  • Different types of optimization problems and how to tackle them.
  • Why optimization is so hard, and the value of getting it right.
  • Real-world examples for vehicle routing and maintenance scheduling.


Geoffrey De Smet

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Geoffrey De Smet is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat and is the founder and lead of OptaPlanner (, the open source AI constraint solver in Java that optimizes use cases such as employee rostering, vehicle routing, task assignment, investment portfolio optimization, maintenance scheduling, and other constraint problems.

Phil Simpson

Senior Principal Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat

Phil Simpson is a Senior Principal Product Marketing Manager at Red Hat, responsible for go-to-market strategy and positioning for Red Hat's business rules and business process management (BPM) products. Phil has extensive experience with business rules and BPM, having held senior product management roles at an early business-rules pioneer and senior marketing roles at several leading enterprise technology companies. Before joining Red Hat, Phil was a product manager for the data analytics firm Renesys and was a director at SeaChange International, Ironhead Analytics, and RulesPower.