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Red Hat at AI Summit New York 2020

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Accelerate AI powered by our Hybrid Cloud platform


Visit the Red Hat booth to speak with our open source and AI experts. 

Explore how our customers have  brought AI to their businesses with the help of the Red Hat portfolio. Learn about how open source and Red Hat products and services can support your AI initiatives.

As the largest open source company in the world, we build and support open source products from open source projects. With open source, we equip our customers for success.

Speaking Sessions

Fast Track AI With Hybrid Cloud

Wednesday, December 09 | 12:30-13:00 ET

Speaker:  Abhinav Joshi, Director, AI Strategy and GTM

Business leaders desire data-driven insights to help improve customer experience. Data engineers, data scientists, and software developers desire a self-service, cloud-like experience to access tools/frameworks, data, and compute resources anywhere to rapidly build, scale, and share results of their projects to accelerate delivery of AI-powered intelligent applications into production. This keynote will provide a brief overview of the AI/ML use cases, required capabilities, and execution challenges. Next we will discuss the value of open hybrid cloud powered by Kubernetes to help fast track AI/ML projects from pilot to production, and accelerate delivery of intelligent applications to the enterprise. Finally, the session will share real-world success stories from various industries globally.

Accelerating AI value delivery for financial institutions

Wednesday, December 09 | 14:15-14:45 ET

Speaker:  Marius Bogoevici, Director, Chief Architect for Financial Services

Artificial intelligence is a key component in the successful digital transformation of financial institutions. Deriving insights from data through machine learning plays a key role in accelerating business and mission critical initiatives, such as predicting risk, fighting financial crime or improving customer interaction.

To get the most from their investment in machine learning, AI leaders must focus on the entire machine learning workflow, and enable frictionless interaction between collaborating groups: data scientists, developers, operators. They must also monitor, observe and continuously adapt their models and meet challenges such as high reliability, regulatory compliance, and security.

In this session, we will share Red Hat’s experience of helping financial institutions build intelligent applications and discuss strategies to help you make the most of your investment in AI/ML: 

  • Adopting end-to-end workflows that seamlessly apply machine learning as a business value multiplier in areas such customer experience, fighting financial crime, or risk assessment

  • Applying cloud-native technologies to accelerate the implementation of machine learning processes and reduce operational overhead

  • Adopting a hybrid cloud strategy for reliability and scalability, while meeting security and regulatory compliance requirements 

  • Jump-starting analytics work by combining cloud-scale deployments with the freedom of on-demand, scalable and secure analytics environments

Booth Demos

Visit our booth during these times

Fighting Fraud with AI ML

Wednesday, December 09 | 11:30-11:40 ET

Speaker:  Marius Bogoevici, Director, Chief Architect for Financial Services

With the burgeoning number of digital financial products and services, financial crime, including fraud - starts posing new challenges to financial institutions. Many Banks are looking to artificial intelligence and machine learning as tools to fight fraud. Harnessing AI ML, banks can streamline data harvesting for deeper insight-driven business decisions and rules to address financial crime.

Attend this demo to learn how to augment batch and real-time transaction processing with analytics and machine learning models derived from data. We'll also show how it can be further integrated into business processes such as investigations and suspicious activity reporting in an efficient, scalable, and elastic manner, using a combination of open source technologies and hybrid cloud platforms.


Digital Banking CX: Using Data for Bottom-Line Results

Thursday, December 10 | 11:40-11:50 ET

Speaker:  Sadhana Nandakumar, Senior Solutions Architect, Global Financial Services

More now than ever, Banking customers are making use of digital channels for communication, payments, and any number of transactions. Maintaining a consistent 360-degree view of the customer is critical to ensure a positive customer experience in this new dynamic. Join us for this demo to learn how to use event-driven architectures, AI and ML, and rules-based decision management to dramatically improve experience with your business.